A: Abortion: a.k.a. It’s Mine

Hearing about Roe v Wade

Being tossed out in the shade

Makes me want to lose my lunch

Makes me really want to punch

Those dumb-asses who voted so

Women have no place to go

To take care of their bodily needs

Due to their stupid power greeds

If you’re a man, I say, fuck you

If you try to tell me what to do

Do YOU have a uterUS?

Why throw women ‘neath the bus?

A girl gets raped

By her own dad

And she can’t free herself

From bad?

You’re telling me that this poor kid

Has to gestate this one at your bid?

And what if baby’s going to die?

Why put sad mama through the fry?

If women told men what to do

Men would lock us in a zoo

If women tried to regulate

What guys do when they procreate

The women would all be shut down

They’d all be chased right out of town

Double standard always there

Some things are just so unfair

Men who think they know what’s right

Try to hurt us with their might

But we will not give up so fast

We are fierce and built to last



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Emi Jean

Emi Jean

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