All the Rage

There’s no doubt that things are shitty in the entire world right now. That’s pretty indisputable.

And, like many others, I read, watch and listen to a lot of news to try and get different perspectives on how this pandemic is both shaping and destroying us. It’s definitely lifted the scales from our eyes as we all warily watch each other with trepidation behind our damp and awkward masks.

Except for those who don’t wear masks. Who won’t wear masks. And there are a lot of them. Not the majority of people, but a very loud and violent group of people are acting like we kicked their sandcastle over and stole their favortie bucket at the beach.

Some people are making more than a fuss about the request or requirement that they wear a mask when they go shopping, for example. Some people just really do not like being told what to do, and when they get asked nicely to cooperate, they lose their shit. I learn this daily from the news.

Stories abound about store employees getting punched in the face, bones broken, or shot in the head, are you fucking kidding me? What is happening? Where is all of this rage coming from? I’ve thought of a few key sources , and I am sure there are many, many more that I’ve missed.

CABIN FEVER Most of us have been on lockdown, quarantine, call it what you will, for at least eleven weeks now. People who have large families or roommates in small spaces are no doubt beyond stir crazy. It’s hard living on top of one another day in and day out: Who’s in charge of the remote? Why do we have to watch “Tiger King” again, where is that remote, why are you sitting in my chair?! You ate all the ice cream! You’re all a bunch of animals!

FEAR and WORRY What if I get sick, what if I get my family member sick, what if I can’t work because I’m sick, what if I get laid off and can’t work and then get sick and have no health insurance, what if we all have to hunker down like this for months, or even YEARS? What does that do to a human psyche?

JOB LOSS What do you do when you can’t work, your business is in shambles, and you need food for yourself and your family? Where is the money going to come from to pay all of the bills? Being in debt is stressful and terrifying. And having to call the unemployment office literally 2000 times in order to get through to an actual person, as one woman did, is absolute bullshit. Nobody should have to go through that.

RELATIONSHIP CHALLENGES What if you’re a couple who just moved in together, only to find that it’s not really working out, but you’re stuck in that one bedroom together for who knows how long? What if your kids fight all the time? What if you and your partner fight all the time? Do you live with your in-laws? Do they live with you? Tension can really fill a house up and make it hard to breathe. Everyone walking on eggshells is terribly uncomfortable. And what if you can’t be with your partner because you don’t live together? What if you live alone and can’t be with the ones you love? Isolation is devastating and depressing.

BOREDOM and RESTLESSNESS People are doing stupid things. Stupid dangerous things. The poor young man who went for a jog in Georgia and never came home, shot by two gun owners who clearly had neither empathy nor anything else to do with their ample time. Hey let’s drive around and shoot people who aren’t like us! Holy shit.

YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME What we see in the news these days is a lot of self-proclaimed “patriot” type people waving flags and AK-47s and rebelling just like the good old days when there was a mighty revolution that birthed this country, all based on taxes on tea. This rebellion really seems to be more of an extended , more violent temper tantrum: You can’t make me wear a mask, I don’t want to and you can’t boss me! Seriously? I do not understand. Wear the mask for others, not yourself. Then less people will DIE. Mask wearing helps us ALL to be safer, so WHY WOULD YOU NOT DO IT? You can make your own mask out of an American flag — or no, that’s illegal. But isn’t shooting someone in the head illegal, too? For fuck’s sake.

The rage that spills over our country seems to be aimed in many directions. Some are furious at the president and his administration for not taking the virus threat seriously early enough. Some are furious at China because they think Covid-19 was an act of violence on the United States. Some blame the far left for making the whole thing up. How can you call it a hoax when 1.5 million people have it and 88 thousand have died of it? Do. The. Math. That’s fucking terrifying. Wear a mask. It’s the least you can do.

And really, you can’t really be mad at a virus. Or, okay, you can, but it won’t do you any good. You can’t punch it in the face or break its arm or shoot it in the head.

And yes, I know I’ve sworn like a sailor through this entire piece. I’m not sorry. It’s an expression of my rage, and one I’d advise others to try before they resort to violence. Just sayin’.

So maybe you angry folks could all just cuss a blue streak, punch a pillow, scream in your car, or run around the block until you calm the fuck down and we can all try to get through this ordeal together.



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