Emi Jean

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This country has too many zealots

Also too many gun pellets

No matter where you seem to look

Someone’s banned another book

Our country has gone left and right

With no compromise in sight

Everyone is so, so mad

Unfortunately, not a fad

Zealots can be anyone

And sometimes they…



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Worry worry

In a hurry

Running sweating

Much forgetting

Drive-by eating

Then retreating

Weight is gaining

Now it’s raining

Angry screaming

Scary dreaming

Fitful sleeping

Quiet creeping

Always bumping

Nearly jumping

Waiting waiting

Silence hating

Time ticks faster

A disaster

Full despairing

I don’t caring

Days are flowing

No one knowing

When we’ll go

Or when things blow

Maybe one day

A true fun day

Life gets good

Just like it should

Senses heighten

Moods a-lighten

Love discovered

Hope uncovered

Future winning

New beginning

No more curse

Oh universe

Please reset us

Don’t forget us



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His sunflowers

Reflected life

But Vincent was

So full of strife

Sunflowers first are in

Full bloom

And light the mood in

Any room

But time will slowly

Wilt the flowers

They can not live

Many hours

Nobody liked the

Things he made

People threw him

Tons of shade

His heart was full

Of pain and fear

That’s why he cut off

His own ear

His life was up and down all day

Why won’t these demons go away

Life was brutal life was short

Because he planned to self-abort

One day he finally said no

I cannot live

I have to go

Why did he end

His life this way?

He couldn’t bear the deep decay

Or maybe seen another way

Bipolar took his life away



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Let’s watch The Voice

Sounds great, she said

What season?

I just shook my head

What else is on?

She asked aloud

Amazing Race

Is a fun crowd

Sometimes a convict’s

On that show

And what they did

We’ll never know

Okay, I said, we’ve

Got some choices

Apart from

Reality TV voices

Maybe we could

See a play

Are any of them

On today?

Or go and take a long long walk

Where we can just relax and talk

Or get some coffee and just chill
Or make some burgers on the grill

I don’t think so

She said to me

Let’s just stay home

And watch TV



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I quit Facebook

Long ago

It just became

A stupid show

I do not like the artifice

Of ranking people in a list

I do not care for likes, you see

What do they have to do with me?

The time that’s spent on any screen

Is longer than any of us mean

You blink and it’s been near an hour

Over screens we have no power

I hate the way that people do

Compare their lives with me and you

Social media is to me

A whole lot of dumb fuckery

There is so much to do outside

Why follow people and deride?

Why agonize and Photoshop?

This superficial shit must stop

Instead of Facebook how about

You stop living with such self doubt?

Be kind to you and also others

That’s my world if I’d my druthers



Emi Jean

Emi Jean

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